deBUNKED: We have always felt this was a grass roots mission.

It was each person who felt called to support this mission could invest a couple bucks a month to put a couple more gallons of gas in deBUNKED bus, or a couple bucks that could help us produce another deBUNKED video, or a couple bucks to be able to buy another plane ticket to get us to another Church or Christian event or high school, or college campus to say, “not on our watch.” From a $1 a month to a Godzillion dollars a month we appreciate your support. Once you donate be sure to let us know your T Shirt size. We want to say thank you and get one out to you.

Please join us: It’s a movement and mission, with a purpose, for a cause, that’s bigger than all of us.  Helping you own your faith for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for the fatherless.