debunked bus micd.png

deBUNKED Bus: Mic’d Up.

The ignition is lit to make a tremendous impact.

The more we are on the road, the more we realize we are in a battle. Emptiness, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness is an epidemic in the country and right now the devil is winning. We need your help to give Hope. We have the tools, we have the speakers, we have the bus, and most importantly we have Jesus. There are lives to save. We would love you on our team.

We are hitting the streets, small towns, big cities, the streets, churches, and just about every Chic-fil-A we can find. Join us on the deBUNKED bus journey as we ask the tough questions, share the duBUNKED unapologetic apologetic video, and see if there is a changed perspective. It only takes a little hope to create a movement that can change a heart, a marriage, a family, a community and beyond….